Alien: Isolation Trauma DLC Comes Out Today, Brings New Maps and a New Playable Character

Alien: Isolation is getting some new and scary DLC today that will bring players three new maps for Survival Mode.

The new DLC, called Trauma, will be ushering in the maps Reoperation, Crawl Space, and Overrun. All three maps will focus on speed, as the main goal of Survival Mode is to quickly move through the levels, collecting various supplies and avoiding the Alien while doing so.

The DLC also allows players to enter the shoes of chief medical officer Dr. Lingard, who feels responsible for letting the creature onto the ship. To get an idea of what the Trauma maps will be all about, take a look at the video above that the game’s development team released today.

What do you think of this new Alien: Isolation DLC? Will you be downloading it today?

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