Bethesda Confirms It Won’t Show Anything at The Game Awards 2014

Following the recent announcement that there will be more than 12 game reveals at this week’s The Game Awards, some people might have speculated that Fallout 4 might be one of the games set to be revealed.

Well, if you’re one of the many who were thinking that, you’re sadly, out of luck. Both the official Bethesda Twitter and Bethesda exec Pete Hines have tweeted out that no such announcement will be taking place. Not for Fallout 4 or for any other game it seems.

Of course, there is the slight possibility that Bethesda is trying to pull a fast one by saying there’s no announcement taking place, and then boom! A new game’s revealed that knocks everyone’s socks off. But the chances of that being the case is honestly, quite slim.

Are you disappointed with this bit of news or you weren’t expecting Bethesda to announce anything anyway?

[Source: Bethesda (Twitter), Pete Hines (Twitter)]