Naughty Dog’s Bruce Straley Teases Something Uncharted Related With “Uncharduary”


Naughty Dog Game Director Bruce Straley recently took to Twitter to make a somewhat strange and mysterious announcement about a special upcoming Uncharted month.

Called “Uncharduary,” Straley mentioned that he wants to make this a new month in 2015, and had the hashtag #Uncharted4. Looking at the comments, it appears as if some people think that this means that Uncharted 4 or an Uncharted remaster will be coming out on “Uncharduary,” which they have taken to mean February. And then some others think that this could just be nonsense.

Who knows! But with all of the Uncharted 4 news coming out, including the graphical differences between the upcoming game and Uncharted 3, and Nathan Drake’s murderous tendencies, one can’t help but get excited at the strange Twitter post. What do you think it means? Let us know below.

[Source: Bruce Straley (Twitter)]