Bungie Talks Destiny The Dark Below DLC Requirements, Says Next Week’s Heroic Activities Will Feature Launch Content

When it was revealed that owners of Destiny were required to own The Dark Below expansion to access this week’s Strikes, it was Activision who responded by saying, “Specific activities like Nightfall will periodically feature expansion 1 content on the week the newest content is live.”

During the Bungie Weekly Update released yesterday, Bungie addressed the issue of needing The Dark Below to access certain content. “With the introduction of the Will of Crota Strike as part of The Dark Below, we’ve added the activity to the Nightfall and Heroic rotation,” Community Manager David Dague said. “These weekly events will require The Dark Below when Will of Crota is selected.”

Dague continued by detailing upcoming content for Destiny and what will require The Dark Below:

Daily and Weekly Heroic Activities

  • Featured activities will rotate between old and new
  • Next week will feature Destiny launch content

The Crucible

  • Lord Saladin and the Iron Banner return on December 16
  • Iron Banner will replace a premium playlist currently featured
  • Iron Banner will not feature new maps from The Dark Below
  • Control on new maps will be featured starting December 23

Dague added, “Our goal is to support every player of Destiny, and we’ll be tuning the frequency and content featured in all special events as we go.”

[Source: Bungie]