Destiny Xur Location and Items for December 12, 2014 Revealed, Exotic Upgrades Included



This week’s Destiny Xur  post is right here, in case you got redirected by Google to December 12’s post.

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This week’s Destiny Xur location and items post is a rather special one, as not only is Xur — Agent of the Nine back to sell his wares, but he’s also carrying a load of Exotic Upgrades for Destiny vets.

For this weekend, Xur can be located in the Hall of Guardians, so check his stuff out if you haven’t done so already. Now for those curious what items he has tucked away under his hood, you can check the entire Exotic equipment and weapons list in the gallery below.

In other Destiny news here at PlayStation LifeStyle, Bungie has hinted at a new PvP mode where radars and Supers won’t be available. Not only that, but it’s also looking at the possibility of adding an official racing mode in the game, too. 

Make sure you also read up on our hands-on of Destiny’s first-expansion, The Dark Below if you haven’t bought it yet (our review is coming soon); or you might want to check out our multiplayer map guide video tutorial for Rusted Lands by Destiny player extraordinaire, Ms5000Watts.

What items are you getting this week? Are you excited to get your hands on some Exotic upgrades?