Destiny Racing Mode Hinted at by Bungie

While Destiny might be more than your standard shooter with its mix of different game modes, one more mode might be coming to the shooter.

During the PlayStation Experience held last weekend, Bungie Community Manager Eric Osborne hinted that the studio has an “idea” to put a Destiny racing mode officially. 

It’s definitely an idea that has come up at the studio…Part of the process of sustaining [Destiny] is figuring out what’s the most bang for the buck, what’s the right feedback to go after and address, how do we deliver the experiences that players want. And race is definitely one of the things that has come up as a topic, so we’ll see.

Bear in mind that there’s nothing definite just yet, but take comfort that it’s being discussed at Bungie.

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Would you want Bungie to release a proper racing mode in Destiny? Or should they tweak the game more first before thinking of new modes?

[Source: GameSpot via IGN]