Destiny Xur Location and Items for December 19, 2014 Listed, Pre-Christmas Edition


In case you’re here, you can check out this post to see Xur’s wares and where he’s located for this weekend (December 26, 2014).

Original Story:

In this week’s PlayStation LifeStyle Destiny Xur location and items post, we once again reveal where the hooded vendor is settled, as well as showcase the items he has for the weekend for Guardians looking to gear up.

For this weekend, Xur – Agent of the Nine, is in The Speaker’s spot just opposite him. Fairly straghtforward, but some still might miss him. As for his items, the hooded vendor once again has a plethora of Exotic weapons and armor that will make reaching the next level (or level cap, depending on you) just a bit closer.

In other Destiny news, Bungie’s latest update should correct a few nagging issues players might have experienced in The Dark Below expansion. Also of note, if you’re planning on leveling your character up, make sure to do it on a non-modified console since it can get you banned.

Finally, if you still haven’t bought Destiny, you can get the PlayStation 4 version here for almost half off.