Bungie Bans Destiny Players for Using Modified Consoles

In its latest weekly update, Bungie has confirmed that it has dropped the Banhammer on Destiny players for using modified consoles. While the developer didn’t get into too many details, a note of warning said:

Ninja Justice is always swift and final. When reached for comment, the shadowy forces who protect the world of Destiny from shadowy activities had this say:

“We routinely review Banhammer actions to ensure that they are applied accurately and fairly. A review of the bans applied over the last week shows that all of the affected accounts had logged into Destiny on a modified console at some point.”

We’re not sure how many people were banned and if the modded consoles were being used for cheating, but Bungie has advised players to “use the boxes that your favorite retailer ‘gave’ you” for playing.

[Source: Bungie]