Road Not Taken Free Update Out Now, Adds New Game Modes, Creatures, and More

A new update for Road Not Taken is now live, adding new game modes, new difficulty levels, new creatures, and more.

The new game mode is probably the biggest addition to the strategic title, bringing in a Timed Mode that forces players to try to rescue all of the kids in only four minutes. Time can be added onto the clock by eating food or rescuing children, but time will be taken away if damage is received. Luckily, the Timed Mode is “just for fun,” meaning it will not impact on a player’s career mode.

If Timed Mode sounds too hard for you, then you might want to check out the new “Normal” difficulty mode that was added to the game today. Prior to this, there was no choice in difficulty modes, and due to a number of people saying that the game was simply too hard, the original difficulty mode has been re-branded as “Hard,” while the “Normal” mode actually offers an easier experience. 

However, if you have already beaten the game and are looking for new content, then you might be happy to know that some new creatures have been added into the puzzle title, each with their own unique behaviors. The Forest Kraken, the Golem, and the Ninja Bear have all been put into the game, giving experienced players something new to discover.

Besides those major additions, a number of various bugs have been fixed. Will this new update prompt you to start playing Road Not Taken again?

[Source: PlayStation Blog]