Ubisoft Aware of Tetris Ultimate Issues, Suggests Playing Offline to Fix Frame-Rate Issues

When Tetris Ultimate launched earlier this month on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, IGN posted a video (above) highlighting some of the issues with the title, which include lag and freezing.

In a follow-up video, IGN reported that Ubisoft told them the amount of friends on the Friends List may contribute to the problems with Tetris Ultimate, and in a forum post about the issues, Ubisoft suggests disconnecting from the internet to help fix the frame-rate. If you’ll remember, this is the exact same workaround they suggested with Assassin’s Creed Unity.

There’s also a variety of other problems Ubisoft is working on fixing for Tetris Ultimate, which you can see below:

Working On It

PS4 Frame-Rate Issues

  • As we continue to look into this issue, here are steps that you can take to improve the frame rate: Disconnect from your internet connection (Wi-Fi or Network Cable).

VS Matches Continue After KO

  • It has been reported that during multiplayer Battle matches some players could continue indefinitely even after they were KO’d. This is a de-syncing issue and is being looked into.

Tetrimino “Skip” Effect

  • Reports of input delays creating a ‘skipping’ effect where a hard drop places Tetriminos a space over.

Progression Circle Not Populating

  • Badges or belts are not accounted in the circular progression indicator.

Game Sounds Not Consistent in the Main Menu

  • Sound in the main menu increases while navigating the control from one tab to another
  • Being worked on for PS4, Xbox One fix in the next patch

Fixed in Next Patch

Game Crashes

  • Users are experiencing game crashes while on the search screen for multiplayer modes.

Sprint Leaderboards Impossible Times

  • Leaderboards for the Sprint mode currently have values of impossible times (ex. 0:01 woo that’s fast!)

Sprint Leaderboards Backwards Ranking

  • Leaderboards for Sprint mode are currently ranked from slowest to fastest.

Battle and Battle Ultimate Team VS Mode

  • Players are automatically receiving blocks twice.

If you’re looking for the PlayStation Vita version of Tetris Ultimate, that will launch in 2015.

What’s your experience been like with Tetris Ultimate?

[Source: Ubisoft Forums]