Upcoming The Crew Updates Will Include a New PvP Mode, Rubber Banding Fixes & More

With The Crew now a few weeks old, the development team decided to give a brief overview of some of the content they have planned for future updates, which includes bug fixes, enhancements, and more:

Game Experience Enhancement

  • AI in Chase Missions – We are balancing the AI behavior of the cops and enemies vehicles in chase missions.
  • Rubber Banding & Collisions – Collision management and rubber banding will be tuned in order to offer smoother driving.
  • PvP Queue Time – We want to simplify lobby management to reduce the time it takes to find other players for PvP matches. We are exploring several options that should improve this aspect.

New Content

  • Car Specs, Colors and Stickers – New specs for existing vehicles will be added in January and the complete list will be unveiled soon. Additional colors as well as new stickers will also be added to the game.
  • New PvP Mode – A new PvP mode and its set of new missions will be introduced early 2015. More information will be shared soon.

They added that new challenges with cool rewards will continue, while new races will be introduced on a regular basis.

Do you plan on playing The Crew in 2015?

[Source: The Crew]