Video Shows Destiny Crota’s End Raid Getting Soloed With One of the Game’s Worst Guns

As if doing Destiny‘s latest raid, Crota’s End, solo wasn’t hard enough, Redditor xThreeDoG decided to do it using what numerous people on Reddit call the worst gun in the game.

Wielding the No Land Beyond sniper rifle, xThreeDoG filmed the raid adventure and separated it into five videos. The videos are short, considering four hours of failure are cut out of them, and are almost painful to watch. There is hardly any shooting at all in them, as xThreeDoG mostly runs away from the hordes of enemies chasing him. Still, it is quite an accomplishment.

Destiny No Land Beyond Sniper Rifle

What do you think of this impressive feat in Destiny? Do you think you could pull something like this off?

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