Report: Leaked Destiny Image Gives Info on Upcoming Expansions

An image has appeared around the web, including on Bungie’s own forums, which apparently shows off Bungie’s plans for Destiny in 2015, including details about Destiny‘s third, fourth, and fifth expansions, which have not been previously outlined.

According to the image, the House of Wolves expansion will be released on March 10, and it will be followed by a huge expansion in September, which will be called Comet: Plague of Darkness. The DLC is supposed to be so big that it will actually be sold on disc and digitally. New subclasses, two weapon types, six PvP maps, twelve story missions, and more will come along with this expansion.

Destiny DLC Leak

After Comet: Plague of Darkness, it looks like an expansion called Vex and another one called Forge of Gods will be released, although the details of those are not posted, save that a few new story missions, raids, and strikes will accompany them. The dates of those two expansions are not revealed in the image.

What do you think of all the upcoming content? Have you finished The Dark Below yet?

[Source: Destiny Forums via Reddit, VG247]