Destiny Xur Location and Items for January 9, 2015 Listed, Insourmountable Exotics Inbound

Friday is here and that means another PlayStation LifeStyle Destiny Xur location and items post for Guardians who can’t get enough of Bungie’s shooter.

For this weekend, Xur – Agent of the Nine can be located in the Tower Hangar where the ships dock. Just turn right and up to the vendors once you spawn in the Tower and you’re sure to see a mass of people crowded around him.

As for his wares, there’s a couple of interesting stuff on sale, which you can see below in the gallery.

In other Destiny news, don’t forget to check your mailbox for Bungie’s “Legendary” gift to players that should already be available. If you already redeemed that, you can also read read up on this supposed Destiny leak that’s said to spill what’s in store for future Destiny expansions.

Which Exotics are you getting this weekend? And what would Bungie add next?