Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Limited Editions Coming to Europe and Australia

If you haven’t already pre-ordered a copy of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and live in Europe or Australia, then you might want to check out these fancy Limited Editions of the RPG.

Fans living on either of those two continents have the chance to order two special Limited Editions of the upcoming remaster, both of which are different from the previously announced Collector’s Edition, which is also coming to the US. The Fr4me Limited Edition, which can be pre-ordered on Amazon right now for £55, comes with a special Fr4me case that can be used as a photo frame or as a game case. It also features different art cards that can be swapped out, allowing for fans to essentially have a number of different covers on their case.

FR4ME Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

The other edition, the The Steelbook Limited Edition, comes with — yup, you guessed it — a steelbook. It has a reversible design, and is not the not the same as the steelbook from the Collector’s Edition of the game. This can be pre-ordered from GAME right now for £50.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Steelbook

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is set to come out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 17 in the US and March 20 in the UK. What do you think of the two new Limited Editions? Will you get either one of them?

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