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Syphon Filter Reboot “Would Have to be Fresh,” Says Dev

If you ever owned an original PlayStation, then you probably had Syphon Filter. The PS-exclusive stealth title first came out way back in 1999, and a number of other games in the Syphon Filter series have come out since then, hitting PS2, PSP, and even Android systems. Although the last game came out in 2007, there could be a slight chance that the series is getting a reboot.

In a recent interview that The Pixel Empire did with Jeff Ross, Lead Designer on Syphon Filter 3, Ross was asked if a sequel of a reboot could ever happen. While his answer isn’t all that enlightening, it at least offers a glimpse of hope for fans of the series.

As a developer, a big NO COMMENT on what is or isn’t happening with Syphon Filter.

But speaking as a fan of the series, I think a lot of stories have already been told in the Syphon Universe, and any new title would have to be fresh one way or another (a new storyline, a gameplay genre expansion, or possibly a reboot).

Whether or not the series will ever be rebooted remains to be seen, but at least Ross did not answer with a definite “no.”

Are you a fan of Syphon Filter? Would you like to see the series brought back to life?

[Source: The Pixel Empire via The Games Cabin]