Monster Boy Announced for PS4, is Considered a Part of the Monster World Series

Following a disappointing Kickstarter campaign for Flying Hamster 2, which was inspired by Wonder Boy/Monster World, Game Atelier have announced a partnership with FDG Entertainment to create Monster Boy, which is in development for the PlayStation 4, PC, and “more.”

Working together with Monster World creator Ryuichi Nishizawa, Monster Boy is considered a part of the series. Since Sega owns the original trademark though, the name did need to be changed. Also, since this is no longer a Flying Hamster game, you can expect a new hero and story matching with the Monster World universe.

New features with Monster Boy when compared to Flying Hamster 2 include an improved art style and new hand-drawn graphics, while Michiru Yamane is still working on some tracks and the gameplay will remain as initially planned.

[Source: Kickstarter via PSN Stores]