Swarovski Coated 20th Anniversary PS4 Appears on eBay

eBay user krystalboutique is selling a 20th anniversary PlayStation 4 console that has been hand-customized with Swarovski crystals. The unique console number 11,016 of 12,300 literally comes with thousands of those crystals. Check out a photo below.

ps4 custom 2

The seller claims that pictures don’t do the console justice as it is “stunning to look at and very sleek” in person. While it is fully functional, krystalboutique considers it an “amazing show piece” as well. As of this writing, two bids have already been placed, with the highest one standing at £800 (roughly $1,200). 

Anyone interested in bidding? You’ve got four days!

[Source: eBay UK via Eurogamer]