La-Mulana EX Delayed on the PS Vita, Now Coming Late February

There will be a slight delay in the release of the 2D side-scrolling platformer La-Mulana EX on the PlayStation Vita. The game was originally set to arrive any day now, and while publisher Rising Star Games has not announced a new release date yet, it did say that the Vita remake will be out late February. 

This isn’t the first time La-Mulana EX has been delayed. The Vita port of the PC game was announced during E3 2014, and was supposed to launch during December 2014. We’re not sure what caused the delay this time, but it’s not like we aren’t used to delays by now!

Whenever it does launch, La-Mulana EX will come complete with new features.

[Source: Destructoid, Rising Star Games (Twitter)]