Alien: Isolation DLC “Lost Contact” Now Out, Official Let’s Play Video Shows the Terror That Awaits

In a press release, SEGA has announced that the fourth Alien: Isolation DLC “Lost Contact” is now available for horror fans to play through.

Lost Contact adds a new Salvage Challenge to Isolation’s Survivor Mode, pitting players against a series of 10 challenges in a new map, which features some of the game’s toughest foes.

Here’s the official blurb straight from SEGA:

‘Lost Contact’ is the fourth add-on pack for Alien: Isolation’s Survivor Mode, and adds the second Survivor Challenge map to the game. With only one life to play with, each challenge accepted brings a new objective and enemy type where one wrong move can, quite literally, be your last. Completing challenges unlocks rewards and points, giving access to new items to collect and craft. Should players score enough points, they can be traded for a save slot at the expense of their final score and position on Alien: Isolation’s leaderboards.

Additionally, you can also watch the video above to see the devs take on a few levels in their official Let’s Play video.

Any Isolation fans getting this? How has the DLC been so far when it comes to content?