Rumor: Star Wars: Battlefront Campaign, DLC, and Multiplayer Info Leaked

It looks like has uncovered a trove of possible Star Wars: Battlefront information, althought some of it does appear to be guesswork.  The info was shared across NeoGAF by user MattyG, revealing interesting details on the story, playable factions, and more. 

According to the rumors, Battlefront’s campaign will span most of the Star Wars saga, including both the older and the newer movies. Players can either play as ‘the good guys,’ whose factions include The Republic, The Rebellion, and possibly The Old Republic, or they can play as ‘the bad guys,’ including soldiers from The Separatists or The Empire. Some parts of the campaign may take place just before The Force Awakens events.

Battles can get as big as 64 players on one map at a time, meaning 32 players per team. Like Battlefront 2, there will apparently be a ‘hero’ system, where players can earn points to be able to play as a hero, which could mean Jedi Knights or Sith. It also appears like there DLC packs will give players new heros, ships, and maps, and there will be up to five DLC packs for the game.

Whether or not this information is true remains to be seen. But, what do you think? Would you like to see some of these elements in Star Wars: Battlefront when it releases later this year for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC? PSLS has contacted EA for a statement and will update this article accordingly based on their response.

[Source: via NeoGAF]