Ubisoft’s Grow Home Might Come to Consoles If the PC Version is Successful

Developer Ubisoft Reflections recently released the adventure platformer Grow Home for the PC, and it was met with positive reviews. While there’s no word on a console release, Ubisoft Reflections artist, Jack Couvela, has said on Twitter that a console port of the game depends on the success of the PC version. 

“Want to see Grow Home on consoles? We have to prove ourselves on PC first, so tell every PC gamer you know they have to buy it!” he tweeted. 

In Grow Home, players control a robot named B.U.D. and are tasked with growing a beanstalk to oxygenate its home planet. Critics have widely appreciated the game’s open world and visuals. 

Would you like to see Grow Home on consoles?

[Source: Jack Couvela (Twitter)]