Grow Up Release Date Announced

Grow Up, the sequel to Grow Home, which was unveiled during Ubisoft’s E3 press conference, has been given a release date.

Over on its official blog, Ubisoft states that the Grow Up will be available for download on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this August 16 in North America and EU, with the Japanese release coming in a day later. In development by Ubisoft Reflections, players will once again take control of BUD as he goes through the game’s environments.

Grow Up will have BUD leaping acrobatically through a new open-world to recover pieces of his lost spacecraft. Along with a new flying companion named POD, BUD will have access to his Floradex 3000, a device that enables him to clone the game’s 24 distinct plant species that will ultimately help him bounce, shoot and catapult all the way to the moon.

Check out the Grow Up reveal up above to see what’s in store for you this August.

[Source: Ubisoft Blog]