Avalanche Isn’t Ready to Reveal Just Cause 3 Gameplay Yet, Wants to Do Things the “Right Way”

Many were expecting to see Just Cause 3 gameplay footage during PAX East 2015, especially since we’ve already seen plenty of screenshots from the game. Unfortunately, Avalanche still didn’t have anything more than screenshots to show during the event, but did offer an explanation for the absence of gameplay videos. 

Speaking during a panel, Game director Roland Lesterlin said that the developer wants to ensure that fans will love what it has to show off. 

“We wanted to do everything in the right way. We want to put all of the finishing touches on the game and polish before we show it. It’s coming and it’s worth it.”

“We’re all gamers, too. We’ve spent many years working on this, pouring our heart and soul, and the first time you see it, we want you to say, ‘Wow, that’s awesome, we can’t wait for that.'”

Square Enix has apparently been supportive of the studio’s decision to keep the game under wraps. 

During the same panel, COO Christofer Sundberg said that while Just Cause 3 will not have a multiplayer mode, modding has been a huge part of the series, and that the studio plans to continue to work with the modding community. 

“The guys on the Just Cause multiplayer mod team have helped keep Just Cause 2 alive for five years after release. We’ve looked a lot at what they’ve done as we planned out the third game. There is no multiplayer mode in Just Cause 3, we’re focusing entirely on the sandbox experience, but we will continue to support and work with the modding community and we will see what happens.”

Just Cause 3 is scheduled to release this year for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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