Rock Band 4 Will Feature a “Top-Tier” Soundtrack, Says Harmonix

Harmonix has recently confirmed that its upcoming title Rock Band 4 will support previously purchased downloadable songs. However, those who are looking for something fresh might want to note that the developer has promised a “top-tier” soundtrack for the next game. 

In an interview with IGN, Harmonix Music Systems Chief Creative Officer and co-founder Alex Rigopulos said that the developer has allocated a budget that supports a top-tier soundtrack, and that song-selection for Rock Band 4 is “one aspect of the experience that we’re not aiming to change.”

Rigopulos also said that he hopes Sony and Microsoft will allow adapters that will enable players to use their old plastic guitars on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 

In the same interview, Harmonix revealed that it doesn’t have any specific DLC-related plans yet, but that the previously used “weekly model” worked quite well. 

“I think that the weekly model did work very well for us last time around. It’s certainly our plan to have a steady, ongoing series of DLC releases indefinitely after the release of the core title. Whether the weekly rhythm is the correct rhythm or not, I don’t know that’s set yet.”

In terms of DLC pricing, Rigopulos didn’t rule out the possibility of prices rising but said that it will depend on a number of factors.

“In terms of pricing, [raising is] possible. My guess is that we’ll be doing a number of pricing experiments to see what works for the audience, and what’s sustainable.”

He also added that in some cases, song prices might go down as well. 

Rock Band 4 is releasing later this year for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

[Source: IGN]