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Final Fantasy XI PS2 Continues Through 2016; Mobile Version/App Announced

When Square Enix announced that the future of Final Fantasy XI would be discussed in a press conference, a few main theories danced around the hearts of fans:

  • A Full HD visual upgrade
  • A Vita and/or PS4 port
  • The game’s death announced

This being Square Enix, “smart phone game” should have been among our predictions. The world of Vana’diel will be heading to smart phones later this year in Japan, with the free-to-play Final Fantasy Grandmasters. It enters beta testing in April.


The future of actual Final Fantasy XI was also discussed.First, Final Fantasy XI is not ending, just the story. 

In May of this year, Final Fantasy XI will receive the beginning of its final content update. Producer Akihiko Matsui said that he wanted to give new adventures something to check out, but also give older players a new kind of adventure. He feels that the content updates and mobile apps take care of that. Chapter updates are planned in May, August, and November of 2015. They are expected to be the final updates.

In March of 2016, PS2 and Xbox 360 FFXI service will end. The Windows version will continue. In-game and outside game events to commemorate the amazingly successful game. 

And of course, we’ve gotta get some more mobile action in there. A companion app will soon make Final Fantasy XI access to smartphones as well. Matsui noted that changes were being made to make the interface more touch friendly, and that he wanted to make it easier to find a party.

Square Enix’s graphic claims that this app makes Final Fantasy XI 120% more interesting. Nexon, creators of MapleStory, are helping to create a smartphone-friendly version of the game’s world and systems.

Square Enix is calling the mobile version an “MMMRPG,” for “Massively Multiplayer Mobile RPG.”