Bloodborne is a PS4 Exclusive, “No Plans” for PC Version, Confirms Product Manager

Earlier this week, Amazon France put up a listing for Bloodborne on “Windows 7/8,” causing many to speculate that Sony’s latest PlayStation 4 exclusive might eventually hit the PC.

Clearing up any confusion, Bloodborne Product Manager That Kid Chris went on Twitter, confirming there aren’t any plans to bring the game to other platforms:

For those asking, Bloodborne is exclusive to PlayStation 4 and there are no plans for a PC version.

There was also a petition to get Bloodborne on PC, saying From Software “betrayed” PC gamers after releasing the last two games on PC. Before the news of Sony not having any plans to port the game came out, the petition had reached over 19,000 signatures.

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How many times have you died so far in Bloodborne?

[Source: That Kid Chris (Twitter) via IGN, Crave Online]