The Order: 1886 Still Looked Pretty Good Back in 2012

March 25, 2015Written by Mark Labbe

The Order 1886 Screenshot 2012

Even though the PlayStation 4’s launch date was still over a year away, The Order: 1886 looked pretty darn good back in 2012.

Thanks to Ready at Dawn Environment Artist James Rosenkranz, a number of screenshots taken from when The Order was still in development back in 2012 have hit the internet, and they are fairly impressive. While the images are not nearly as beautiful as the current-day version of The Order looks, they do feature some nice looking lighting and textures.

Looking at the images above, do you notice anything that stands out to you? What do you think of their quality, considering these are from 2012?

[Source: James Rosenkranz via GearNuke]