Visceral Considering These Weapon Balance Changes for Next Battlefield Hardline Update

March 26, 2015Written by Jason Dunning


Having received lots of feedback about gameplay balance since Battlefield Hardline launched, Visceral Games detailed some of the changes they’re considering for the next game update:

  • K10 – Reduce bullet damage to 33
  • Saiga and PTR – Reduce recoil to bring more in line with Cop faction DMRs
  • HCAR and HK51 – Reduce recoil to bring more in line with SCAR-H and SA-58
  • .410 Jury – Increase damage per pellet to become more effective
  • FMG-9 and M/45 – Increase damage per round to 25 and push out falloff start range to make these weapons more effective
  • Battlerifle min damage increased to 25 across the board
  • AKM min damage reduced to 24

Visceral adds, ” We’ve tested these changes and find them to be good improvements, look forward to constructive feedback.”

As of right now, there’s no ETA for the update.

Meanwhile, the Battlefield Twitter account addressed the missing Premium event:

What changes/fixes do you hope to see Visceral adding to Battlefield Hardline?

[Source: Battlelog]