Watch Someone Beat Bloodborne in Under 45 Minutes

March 31, 2015Written by Jason Dunning

With the video obviously containing MAJOR SPOILERS, YouTube user Oginam_tv uploaded a Bloodborne speedrun completed on Twitch this week, beating the game in under 45 minutes.

If you’re wondering how such a quick speedrun was possible, it’s thanks to glitches and exploits allowing you to skip portions of the game and duplicate items. With From Software set to bring a new update out this week, and another in the future to fix load times and more issues, expect these exploits to eventually disappear.

As the description of the new video explains, the first video’s run is void:

Due to a glitch outside speed run that affected the AI of bosses and potentially other enemies, the old runs by myself and irey_tv were void. Closing the game entirely and restarting it solves the problem and it’s appearance in runs is fairly obvious (the bosses use one or two attacks and appear less aggressive). This is the new [world record] and the first solid test I’ve done with the Cane. I lost 1-2 minutes overall, most of which is due to the horrible death near the end.

Have you been able to beat Bloodborne yet? How long did it take?

[Source: Oginam (Twitch, YouTube) via Games Beat]