Prey 2 Developer Stopped Working on the Game “Near the End of 2011,” Was Very Close to an Alpha State

A few days after Bethesda confirmed in October 2014 that Prey 2 was officially cancelled, developer Human Head’s Business Development Director Tim Gerritsen said, “We can confirm that Human Head Studios has not been involved with Prey 2 for some time.”

In a recent interview with Develop about Prey 2, Project Director Chris Rhinehart revealed that Human Head actually stopped working on the game shortly after it was announced in 2011:

We stopped working on Prey 2 near the end of 2011, and had been working on it for close to two years. It was very close to an alpha state, with all major content pieces represented.

We were at that point in a game where you can step back and see the whole picture and shift from developer to editor and decide which elements to cut and which elements to emphasis and polish.

According to Human Head’s Norm Nazaroff, “We had a great deal of content created, some of which was shown publicly but a lot of which was not.” He adds that, with their tech significantly progressing since the live demo, “It’s my personal opinion that we would have been counted among the best looking games of the previous console generation.”

When Bethesda announced the cancellation of Prey 2 last year, they explained it “wasn’t up to our quality standard.”

As Gerritsen said in the new interview though, “Bethesda stated their reasons when they finally cancelled the game in October 2014, and needless to say we have our own perspective on the matter that differs from the reasons they stated.” He believes the quality of the game was well represented by the materials displayed in numerous public demonstrations.

[Source: Develop]