Destiny House of Wolves Teaser Trailer Reveals The Reef, Level Cap Increase & More

In a teaser trailer sent out yesterday, Bungie and Activision gave us a brief look at the upcoming House of Wolves expansion for Destiny, which includes a glimpse of The Reef, a brand new social space.

During the trailer, a few key images were also unveiled, teasing a new upgrade slot, a level cap increase from 32 to (at least) 34, new characters, and more:

If you want to learn more about House of Wolves and The Reef, Bungie is hosting a livestream on Twitch today at 11am PT/2pm ET.

Here’s the description for the stream:

On Wednesday, Apr. 22nd at 11:00am Pacific, Deej (Bungie Community Manager) will host a livestream straight from the studio with Christopher Barrett (Bungie Creative Director) and community member Gothalion. They’ll take viewers through a live tour of the brand new social space, The Reef, while discussing the new content, new vendors, and more.

Will you be watching the livestream today?

[Source: Eurogamer]