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Report: NBA 2K16 Info Leaks Out, Director Spike Lee Involved in Development

It looks like Spike Lee will be involved in the making of NBA 2K16, a source close to the game and some leaked marketing material have revealed to Polygon.

Both the source and the material seem to point to the Oscar-nominated filmmaker helping create the upcoming basketball game’s career mode. Additionally, the marketing material — which appears to be three possible covers for the game — show that Stephen Curry of Golden State, James Harden of Houston and Kevin Durant of Oklahoma City are either in the running to be on the cover of NBA 2K16, or three separate covers are to be made, allowing each player to be featured.

NBA 2k16 Leaked Covers

Polygon has reportedly been able to confirm this information with a source close to the game, but no public announcements have been made concerning either Spike Lee’s involvement with NBA 2K16 or the three covers. 

[Source: Polygon]