Capcom Plans to Release Street Fighter V This Fiscal Year & Sell 2 Million Copies

In their report looking at this current fiscal year, Capcom revealed that they are planning on releasing Street Fighter V for the PlayStation 4 and PC by March 31, 2016, which would fall in line with their previous leaking of a Spring 2016 launch window.

They also expect SFV to be quite popular, with a FY2015 sales forecast of 2 million units across retail and digital stores.

As for their strategy this year, Capcom says they “plan to launch more titles in popular game series; one example is Street Fighter V.” Not only that, but the company “will utilize existing intellectual property, such as by selling HD remastered versions of popular games.”

In terms of remasters, Devil May Cry 4 is coming to the PlayStation 4 this Summer, while it’s possible Resident Evil Zero will be getting the HD treatment as well.

Capcom then gave out updates sales figures for all their big franchises as of March 31, 2015:

  • Resident Evil – 65 million
  • Street Fighter – 36 million
  • Monster Hunter – 32 million
  • Devil May Cry – 14 million
  • Dead Rising – 8.2 million
  • Dragon’s Dogma – 2.2 million

When do you think we’ll see Street Fighter V?

[Source: Capcom via TheGamesCabin]