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Capcom Likely to Bring Street Fighter V to E3 2015

We won’t be surprised to see Street Fighter V at E3 2015 considering Capcom’s plans to release the game within this fiscal year. Although the company hasn’t revealed its official lineup yet, Producer Yoshinori Ono’s recent Tweets indicate that Street Fighter V will make an appearance at the event.

Just yesterday, Ono wrote:

I could play SFV at CAPCOM USA, Its so looking good!! and love it! Hahaha praise ourself! ;P I can’t wait for E3! ;D  

And this isn’t the first time he’s dropped the hint. A few days ago, Ono said that the developer is doing its best to work on the game, and that the team is preparing for E3. 

Not long to go now!

[Source: Yoshinori Ono (Twitter)]