Life is Strange Episode 3 Gets a Launch Trailer, May 19 Release Times Revealed

Given its May 19 release date last week, Square Enix brought out the launch trailer for Life is Strange Episode 3: Chaos Theory today, which offers a spoiler-filled look at what to expect from the new episode.

Featuring more spoilers, here’s the description for Episode 3:

In this next installment of Life is Strange, Max and Chloe’s investigation into Rachel Amber’s disappearance lead them to break into Blackwell Academy after dark, to search for answers. Secrets will be uncovered and Max will find another use for her power.

Square Enix added on their blog, “As you can see, Max and Chloe are close to uncovering some truths and will also cross paths with the likes of Nathan and Frank once again. For those who asked for it, Max also gets a change of outfit from her normal hooded attire.”

If you’re looking to play Episode 3 as soon as possible, here’s when Square Enix expects it to go live worldwide on May 19:

PlayStation 4/PlayStation 3

  • 00:01 AEST (Australia)
  • 00:01 (UTC)
  • 00:01 BST (UK)
  • 16:01 PDT (West Coast America)

They continue, “Please note, some digital stores update at different times depending on your region/state/location. The game will still be released May 19.”

[Source: Square Enix Blog, Square Enix Forum]