Mega Man 8 Coming to PSN in North America

Capcom has announced that Mega Man 8 will be coming to the PlayStation Network on Thursday, May 27, in North America. A company employee wrote on Capcom Unity:

Mere weeks ago we brought long-lost-classic Tron Bonne to the PlayStation Network, and today we’re happy to confirm MM8 is planned to release on May 27.

MM8 joins a growing treasure trove of PSN titles released just in the past few months. I’m pysched as always to help bring these titles to PS3/PSV (been playing Tron on Vita myself) and hope you either check them out or suggest them to a friend!

Capcom didn’t mention how much the title will cost, but we’ll find out in due course. 

Anyone looking forward to this?

[Source: Capcom Unity, PlayStation Blogcast 165]