Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity Video Breaks Out, Backwoods Map Detailed

With Battlefield Hardline’s first expansion, Criminal Activity, set for release very, very soon, we now get our first glimpse at the four maps available in the expansion.

Shown in this Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity video are the maps, a Dead Space Easter egg, and even animal masks. 

Included in the Criminal Activity is the “Backwoods” map, which can be played in any mode.

Backwoods is set among the redwoods and rushing streams of an old logging operation, which has been taken over and converted into a drug production facility. We designed this map to give players a natural, organic playground – a nice counterpart to the urban jungle of the game’s traditional maps. Under the redwood canopy, there are tons of hills, gullies, and rock formations to hide in. Abandoned lumber stations landmark the area, and a creaky covered bridge serves as a crossroads between two sides of the camp. (That is, until it’s destroyed.) Oh, and it must be said: this map is totally gorgeous.

Are you planning on getting Criminal Activity when it launches next month?

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