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15 PS4 Games for Kids That are Fun for the Whole Family

At PlayStation LifeStyle we know that video games can be a huge part of a person’s childhood. Kids will end up spending countless hours both playing outside, and trying to defeat the final boss of the game they have been stuck on for months.

Not all games are appropriate for children, though, as more mature offerings are offered up each year. Thankfully the ESRB is there to make it clear when a game has questionable content, but there are a lot of rubbish games out there aimed at children. This can make it difficult for parents to choose games for their children to play that are both appropriate and fun. That is why PlayStation LifeStyle has compiled a list of 15 PS4 games for kids that are fun for the whole family!

There you have it, 15 PS4 games for kids that are both fun and appropriate for all ages. There are also some promising games to come such as LEGO Dimensions, Rock Band 4, and more will be releasing this year. So you’ll want to keep coming back to PlayStation LifeStyle to see what other great games will be released.

Now that you have seen our picks, why don’t you chime in below with your suggestions? What PS4 games for kids would you recommend to others? We look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments!