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Report: Street Fighter V Release Window Leaked, New Gameplay Details Revealed

Following last month’s confirmation that Capcom plans to release Street Fighter V in this fiscal year, the exact release window might just have been leaked ahead of time.

In the latest issue of Short List’s gaming magazine where Street Fighter V was featured, not only did it reveal a host of SFV gameplay details, but it might have just accidentally confirmed the Street Fighter V release window as well.

The magazine mentions Street Fighter V will be released on the PlayStation 4 and PC in March 2016, which certainly fits with Capcom’s projected fiscal year release. 

Additionally, it’s been mentioned in the feature that Nash’s teleport and Chun-Li’s double fireball can be used while V-Trigger is activated, but players must fill up their V-Gauge first by taking damage.

What many people refer to as “Ultras” seen in early gameplay footage are actually called “Critical Arts,” which are cinematic attack that can be activated by using your character’s full EX meter.  

In what could be the biggest news to come out of the feature other than the release window, a new gameplay mechanic called “V-Skill” is said to be making its way into SFV. This is described as a defensive mechanic that allows characters like Ryu to parry, and M. Bison to reflect fireballs, Details on this new skill is limited, but an educated guess is that it will also utilize the V-Gauge in some capacity.

Don’t forget that Capcom is “likely” to bring SFV to E3 2015, so we’ll have more info for you regarding the game then.

[Source: Short List via Eventhubs, NeoGAF]