Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Have A Free Run System and Mostly New Worlds, Release Date Decided Internally

Kingdom Hearts 3 will have seamless stages and “Attraction Flow” attacks, and it has now been revealed that the game will have a free run system.

In interview with Famitsu and Dengeki PlayStation, Director Tetsuya Nomura revealed that Kingdom Hearts 3 will have a free run system, allowing Sora to perform acrobatic movements such as running up walls. While Nomura didn’t reveal all of Sora’s new movement options, it does seem like the character will be more of a gymnast than he was in other Kingdom Hearts games.

Nomura also mentioned that Kingdom Hearts 3 will have mostly new worlds, and he said that Xehanort’s story will be concluded in the upcoming game, but the series won’t necessarily be over. The development team already has ideas about where the characters will end up after the third game, but those ideas were not shared.

The team also knows when they want to release Kingdom Hearts 3, but that information probably won’t be revealed until the D23 Expo Japan Kingdom Hearts even on November 3. Be sure to check out the E3 2015 gameplay video if you haven’t already.

[Source: Gematsu via Games Talk]