Ubisoft Isn’t Ready to Talk About Beyond Good & Evil 2

The tentatively titled Beyond Good & Evil 2 was announced way back in 2008, but little has been heard of the game since then except for some rumors and a recent report (later proven fake) of Michel Ancel’s departure from the project. An interview with The Guardian during E3 2015 makes it quite clear that as much as fans want to hear about the game, Ubisoft just isn’t ready to reveal anything at this time. CEO Yves Guillemot said:

I can’t say the name, but there is a team working with Michel Ancel on a project that is… very interesting. It’s a game I’m sure you will like very much, and we can’t say more. 

For us, what counts when we create the next game is that we feel can make the best possible game. There are some limits that we have to get rid of, because things have changed in the meantime, but there are elements we can keep. That’s why we don’t want to say anything until we are well advanced on the project. It’s too early to say.

Although Ubisoft has assured fans that a sequel is coming, it doesn’t sound like the company is ready to talk about it anytime soon.

We’ll update our readers when more information becomes available. 

[Source: The Guardian]