Minecraft Getting Dual Wielding, Enchanted Arrows, and More

At Minecon 2015, it was announced that Minecraft will be getting a whole bunch of new features, including dual wielding, enchanted arrows, and a makeover for The End.

According to Mojang, players will be able to use two different items at once — one in their left hand, and the other in their right. Mojang revealed that players will be able to hold a torch with one hand and swing a pickax with the other, making mining dark areas a whole lot easier.

Players will also be able craft enchanted arrows in upcoming updates, allowing the creation of poison arrows, a spectral arrowhead, and more. Besides arrows getting a sort of makeover, The End will also be changed. Apparently, it will no longer be a small, confined area, but instead will become something like The Nether. To reach this place, players will have to create a new type of portal, which will be called the End Gateway.

A release date was not revealed for the upcoming Minecraft features, but hopefully they come soon. Which upcoming feature are you most excited about?

[Source: IGN]