Winning Is Cheating in Super Impossible Road, a New Racing Game Coming to PS4

A racing game about taking shortcuts and cheating, Super Impossible Road from Wonderful Lasers is “coming soon” to the PlayStation 4.

As the description explains:

In the future, there is no accelerator or brake, no performance tuning, and thanks to the on-the-fly generation of tracks, no race line memorization. The only way to get ahead is by taking huge leaps across the roller coaster-like speedway. These risky overtaking maneuvers can take you straight into the lead, or drop you mercilessly into the void.

Noting that there won’t be any rubber-banding in Super Impossible Road, Wonderful Lasers Founder Kevin Ng talked about the pluses and minuses of taking shortcuts:

The shortcut rule is simple. When you leave the track, you have around five seconds to touch down again, otherwise the screen will white out and you will re-spawn. And you’ll be re-spawned back at the last gate you went through, so you’d better make sure to roll through a gate here and there on the way down. It’s a simple system to understand, but it adds a lot of depth and strategy to race management.

In terms of features, Super Impossible Road includes 4-player split-screen, 1080p/60fps visuals, procedurally generated tracks, a single-player career, a Classic Survival Mode, and online play.

[Source: PS Blog, Wonderful Lasers]