Daybreak Games Titles Suffered DDoS Attack, Now Appear to Be Coming Back Online

DDoS (denial of service) attacks were recently carried out on Daybreak Games, causing PlanetSide 2H1Z1, Everquest, and more to go offline. Lizard Squad, the group responsible for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live outages that happened during the holiday season, is claiming responsibility.

Apparently, Daybreak Games CEO John Smedley recently threatened to take legal action against members of Lizard Squad, saying that they not only stole his personal information, but also tweeted a bomb threat to American Airlines that led to a plane Smedley was on to be grounded. Lizard Squad reportedly began starting their DDoS attacks after this.

However, according to the official Daybreak Games Twitter account, its game servers are coming back online:

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[Source: VG247, Daybreak Games (Twitter)]