Just Cause 3 Gameplay Videos Let You Watch the E3 2015 Playthrough, Choose Your Own Chaos

In the first of two trailers released by Square Enix and Avalanche Studios today, the Just Cause 3 Official E3 Playthrough is narrated by Game Director Roland Lesterlin and is taken from Alpha footage shown on the floor at E3 2015.

Next up, the Choose Your Own Chaos trailer from E3 is an interactive and expanded version of the Official E3 Playthrough, allowing you to choose how the action unfolds at key moments:

As the press release states:

The island republic of Medici is the ultimate sandbox. With Rico’s new abilities and countless weapons and vehicles, there’s an infinite amount of possibilities around every corner. Each obstacle presents countless options for an explosive outcome – how creative can you be with Rico’s vast arsenal of equipment?

Teased on Twitter, it sounds as though another Just Cause 3 video is coming next week.

Just Cause 3 releases on December 1 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.