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Gearbox Has Done “Some Concept Development” on Another Duke Nukem Game

Gearbox Software wants to begin working on a new Duke Nukem title with the help of an outside developer, CEO Randy Pitchford revealed at the Develop 2015 conference.

Pitchford explained that after Duke Nukem Forever came out back in 2011, Gearbox developed some concepts for another Duke Nukem game. Pitchford explained that “Gearbox is very busy,” which is why it would want to have an outside developer work on the project.

I did not acquire the franchise merely so people could experience Duke Nukem Forever. That was, sort of, the toll to pay to give Duke Nukem a chance at a future.

So yes. In fact, we’ve done some concept development. The challenge is that Gearbox is very busy. A faster way would be if the correct developer would become interested and we’d work with them.

Gearbox is also working on an unannounced title, and when asked about it in an interview with IGN, Pitchford mentioned that it won’t be coming out anytime in the near future. However, he did explain that we will “see it before the end of the generation!”

It depends on how you define soon. You’ll see it before the end of the generation! In some ways it’s extremely different to what you’ve seen from us. Astonishingly so. In others, you’ll see how we’re taking advantage of what we’ve learned.

Pitchford also recently revealed that a “there’ll almost certainly be more Borderlands,” hinting at a possible Borderlands 3. Do you want to see a new Duke Nukem?

[Source: IGNEurogamer]