30 Screens of PS4 RPG Atelier Sophie Introduce “Logical” Turn-Based Battle System

Gust has released some new screenshots of its upcoming turn-based RPG Atelier Sophie. The game will use a battle system the devs are calling the “Logical Turn System,” in which players choose actions for all party members before the turn begins. You may remember this from a lot of RPGs over the years, including, you know, the first Final Fantasy. Nice to see tradition rolling on.

Additionally, it’s been revealed that weather and time of day can affect enemy encounters as well as material discoveries.

PS4 (…oh and I guess PS3 and Vita…) will be getting Atelier Sophie: Alchemist of the Mysterious Book on Sept. 25. If pattern follows, a North American announcement will likely come next, but there’s been no word of that yet.

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[Source: 4Gamer]