Dragon Quest Heroes II Adds Multiplayer; Dreams Can Come True

Walk with me to a simpler time, when we dreamed big, but expected small.

I’m talking about March. You see, I played, finished, and reviewed Dragon Quest Heroes. In my writeup, I said this:

“Speaking of online stuff, this game is just begging for multiplayer. It’s an outstanding game as is, but some multiplayer — preferably from the couch — might send it into the stratosphere. Deciding which friend would stay back and guard the gate from an onslaught while the other charged ahead to destroy the spawn point could make for awesome nights with friends and siblings, but it wasn’t to be. Shucks.”

We-he-he-heeelllll, Mr. Stratosphere, you might wanna pencil in a date with Dragon Quest Heroes II. Square Enix has revealed that the sequel, which is headed for PS3, PS4, and Vita, will include multiplayer for up to four players. Details are not yet specified, but I’m betting on (and hoping for) that to include offline multiplayer for the console versions. Again, though, that’s just the type I predict, not an announcement.

Not much else was said about Dragon Quest Heroes II, other than a vague release time frame of 2016 and the unveiling of the “main visual” seen atop this post. The original Dragon Quest Heroes, which I found completely awesome, will be coming to North America Oct. 13.

In Other Dragon Quest News: