Mafia 3 Confirmed, Worldwide Premiere Happening at gamescom 2015

Following numerous reports that it was happening, 2K officially confirmed the existence of Mafia 3 today, which will be given a worldwide premiere announcement trailer on Wednesday, August 5 at 5am PT/8am ET.

Here’s what 2K said about Mafia 3:

Mafia 3 is the next installment in the popular series known for immersing players into a world of organized crime through rich narrative storytelling and a beautifully crafted game world featuring period-accurate cars, music and fashion.

With the announcement taking place at the same time as gamescom 2015, 2K will also be debuting Mafia 3 at the event with a behind-closed-doors presentation.

As of right now, no platforms were announced for Mafia 3, so be sure to check back next week for all the details.

Mafia 3 is being developed by Hangar 13.